Greyhound Handicapping Trifecta Wagering Method Using Early Speed

I am going to explain my device of greyhound handicapping. I Focus specially on ES or early velocity. Open a consequences chart of any greyhound tune and you may see the dog that gets to the 1/eighth name first will finish either inside the win or area position well over eighty% of the time. No other factor comes near. This is simplest 1 issue and also you want to bear in mind other factors like Late Speed, Class, Time – I use Daily Track Variants like the Beyer Speed Figures for horse racing. I have accomplished the maths and made my personal calculations to compute this issue, and post role. Each of those elements ought to be computed for every track at each distance and each grade. Seems like a whole lot of paintings and certainly it is. But it’s far because of this difficult paintings that ninety nine% of the public will now not take the time & attempt it takes to do this It’s not wished which you do all that work for this technique to work for you. You need to be right enough to pick the canine that can get to the lead at your racetrack of preference.

Back to the #1 component – ES (early velocity). Say there are 15 races on a card for your racetrack. You will maximum probable discover only some playable races. A playable race is one in which you KNOW ( albeit you can in no way realize one hundred%) a certain greyhound will make the lead. For example, an interior runner from an internal put up position. For this situation we will use the #2 field. You appearance and see this canine can damage and if it receives lead will grasp on for win or area. Now you need to take a look at the adjoining submit positions and with any luck no conflicts of walking fashion may be located like the #1 going huge or #3 has a dependancy of breaking to inside. So we’ve got determined the 1 canine a gradual breaker and the 3 canine is also slow and runs out of doors. No different dog in stated race looks like it could make it beyond your #2 dog to the turn. Well, you have just observed a playable race. I discover normally on a 15 race card that I can play 2-4 races. You need to have the area to no longer wager the other races. Only guess on ones in that you understand you’ve got the edge. Pass on all other races. With all that being stated I then attention on getting rid of the two worst puppies in the race and selecting 2 other puppies – certainly one of if you want to come inside the cash. Then I use my trifecta wagering technique as such: